Sunday, June 16, 2019

An Old Trading Pit Trick For Spotting Market Turns

This open outcry pit trick helps you spot when the market may stall or turn during the day. Free charting package I use
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DAX Smashes Through Resistance

The DAX has smashed through that 10480 level like a knife through butter. Volume's still low but the range is high. Where's the next...

Daytrading The Dax – Post Trade Teardown

The DAX is a great daytrading market at the moment. Although it needs respect! When it breaks through a level it doesn't mess about. I...

Pair Trade Opportunity On The DAX and DOW?

With the DOW approaching support and the DAX resistance, is now the ideal opportunity to set up a pair trade? Hey, a very good evening...

What A Wick On The DAX – What Now?

The German DAX put in a huge wick above resistance. It was a one way street today, clearly rejecting price to the upside of...


A Trade Setup For Trading Weekend FX Gaps

GBPUSD gapped down heavily over the weekend on Brexit news. With gaps likely to be more frequent this year due to Brexit, Trump and European...




Bulls Were expecting a V Shape Reversal in the DOW

Bulls who BTFD expected an up day today, they got the opposite. Does that now open up 18000 DOW cash level again? PS check out...