Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Scalping The DAX, The dangers of neglecting your long time frame...

Appreciating the longer time frame sentiment is crucial. A decent short term trade idea can turn into a loser pretty quickly when you're going...
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DAX Trade Teardown – Misreading The Tape

Trading the DAX today looking for a mean reversion, rather than waiting for a clearer sign of a bid I went in too early...

The VWAP extension trade setup

The VWAP extension trade setup: In a rangebound market mean reversion trading strategies seem to work the best. The VWAP is a great indicator to...

Dax Trade Teardown – Weekly Support Finally Broke

Following on from this video and this video - the weekly DAX support finally broke.

Why don’t I take the easy buy at support trade?

Buying at support is the easy trade in hindsight, so why didn't I just do that?  


Which Markets Are The Best To Trade?

Which markets are the best to trade? What time do the major exchanges open?




What Time Does The Dow Reverse Its Trading Trend Intraday?

While the market is in a range, fading is the name of the game. What time has the DOW usually been reversing the past few...