Sunday, December 16, 2018

Where’s The Scalp Trade In This Price Action?

Mario sent the EURO on a bit of a wild ride today. This pattern is fairly common after any non event central bank announcement....
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Which Markets Are The Best To Trade?

Which markets are the best to trade? What time do the major exchanges open?

DAX Smashes Through Resistance

The DAX has smashed through that 10480 level like a knife through butter. Volume's still low but the range is high. Where's the next...

Which Is The Best Market To Trade?

What's the best market to trade? (for a new trader) It's common to dive right into the first market you see, or the one you read...

Free Spreadbetting Course – Coming Next Week

Finally I've finished the beginners trading/spreadbetting course. As promised at the last meetup! I'll have it uploaded by next week.


Where’s The Event Risk And Opportunity In The Market This Week?

Deutsche bank continues to rule the headlines. But with Germany closed today, how will the DAX react when it reopens tomorrow? Non Farm Payrolls are...




What Will Happen To The Markets If Hillary Clinton Wins The...

What will happen to the markets if Hillary Clinton wins the election? Hillary Clinton is the favourite to win on 8th November. Which markets will...