Trade Ideas

Where’s the best potential trading opportunity tomorrow and next week? We tell you what’s moving and what’s worth watching. Shares, stocks, currencies, indices, commodities, anything that can be traded. Let us be your trade scanning tool.

Trading Strategies

Time tested strategies that are setting up right now. Analysed, assessed and shared with you. Price patterns that work mixed with probability plays. Sometimes you’ll like them, sometimes you won’t. Pick and choose what works.

Analysis & Opinion

Often it’s useful to know how the big players are positioned. We track positioning by institutions and insiders across many markets. When it shifts unusually one way or the other creating a trade opportunity you’ll find out.

Trade Tear Down

Exclusive to our video newsletter email subscribers only, once a week we do an extended video breaking down in detail a real trade. No hindsight here, just objective assessment of the trade idea, the process, the execution, the risk management and the exit. Winners and losers, improve and learn.

Real World Trading

We’ve all seen them: grinning ‘selfies’ in front of your new car, never losing a trade. Well sorry, we’ve got none of that, nor photos of cash piles… but we do offer good solid real world trading information, from traders who have been in the business for well over a decade. We think you’d prefer that to lambo pics…..

Trader Wisdom

Ever had that moment where you’ve been listening to a successful trader talk and you hear one thing that made that lightbulb go off in your head? Well occasionally we grab those nuggets of wisdom and fire them at you. It only needs one or two to make a difference to your bottom line.