Big Company Earnings Highlights Next Week

Earnings always offer some good trading opportunities, here’s some of the bigger players reporting next week.

“Friday, short video for the weekend. Next week there are a couple of earnings that have caught my eye – big boys in the US in particular that are releasing earnings next week. The first one is Apple on Tuesday the 26th, they are releasing earnings then. This will be interesting. Chart has really come down a little bit off the top, there’s a bit of support down here at 92. Let’s see what happens. They are always interesting to watch.

Facebook as well. Another big boy out there, another popular stock with the hedge funds and a popular trading stock as well. They are releasing earnings on Wednesday 27th. Very strong stock, up to all time highs, they are monetising things well, it’s a popular stock. So let’s see if they can continue to beat the streak with that.

Thursday 28th, we’ve got two big boys. We have Google and Amazon. Or should I say Alphabet. Google, yes, we all know what Google is about so that will be interesting to see what they do chart wise, been stuck in this sort of range for the past year not doing much, ping ponging backwards and forwards but had a good rally after the Brexit dips so let’s see what happens with that one.

Amazon’s been an interesting stock because it’s really picked up some steam over 2016 in particular. Really nearly at highs, doing very well, everyone’s happy with it and again, really popular stock with the hedge funds. So let’s see… We’ve got Apple on Tuesday, Facebook on Wednesday and Google and Amazon on Thursday. Loads more earnings, but those are the big ones that I’ve pulled up from next week in the US.

Let’s see what they bring. Take care, have a good weekend.”