Saturday, March 24, 2018

Examining A DAX Breakdown – Short Sellers Guide

Let's take a closer look at the short term price action structure during todays recent DAX break of support. 1) Drive through the level 2) Hold 3)...
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Pair Trade Opportunity On The DAX and DOW?

With the DOW approaching support and the DAX resistance, is now the ideal opportunity to set up a pair trade? Hey, a very good evening...

Daytrading The Dax – Which Timeframe Chart

If you're daytrading the DAX, what's the best timeframe to use? Do you always want to use a short timeframe? Hey a very good evening...

Why don’t I take the easy buy at support trade?

Buying at support is the easy trade in hindsight, so why didn't I just do that?  

Learning From My Losing Trades Today

I lost money today, not a big deal, but I made a catalog of mistakes which were out of character. Lets drill down and...


Tape Reading the EURUSD price action for reversal clues

The Italian referendum result was on Sunday night. As it became clear a NO vote would win, Euro USD started falling. There were several...




Bulls Were expecting a V Shape Reversal in the DOW

Bulls who BTFD expected an up day today, they got the opposite. Does that now open up 18000 DOW cash level again? PS check out...