Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Tape Reading the EURUSD price action for reversal clues

The Italian referendum result was on Sunday night. As it became clear a NO vote would win, Euro USD started falling. There were several...
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DAX Smashes Through Resistance

The DAX has smashed through that 10480 level like a knife through butter. Volume's still low but the range is high. Where's the next...

Learning From My Losing Trades Today

I lost money today, not a big deal, but I made a catalog of mistakes which were out of character. Lets drill down and...

Why don’t I take the easy buy at support trade?

Buying at support is the easy trade in hindsight, so why didn't I just do that?  

Scalping The DAX, The dangers of neglecting your long time frame charts

Appreciating the longer time frame sentiment is crucial. A decent short term trade idea can turn into a loser pretty quickly when you're going...


This 1 Thing Will Cut Down Your Losing Trades (Daytrader)

If you're a daytrader or scalper then implementing this or a variation of this technique will help reduce your losing trade tally dramatically. Works on...




Huge Selling Across All US Indices

Big selling across the markets today, very controlled hitting of bids resulting in serious technical damage to the charts. What now? I'll wait to see what...