Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How To Tell If A Market Will Breakout – 5 Clues

What signals should we look for before the market hits a key price level? Which filters can give us a good guide as to whether we should be fading...
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Daytrading The Dax – Post Trade Teardown

The DAX is a great daytrading market at the moment. Although it needs respect! When it breaks through a level it doesn't mess about. I...

The VWAP extension trade setup

The VWAP extension trade setup: In a rangebound market mean reversion trading strategies seem to work the best. The VWAP is a great indicator to...

Scalping The DAX, The dangers of neglecting your long time frame charts

Appreciating the longer time frame sentiment is crucial. A decent short term trade idea can turn into a loser pretty quickly when you're going...

A Trading Strategy For Central Bank Announcements

A strategy for trading reversals and whipsaws during central bank announcements. BOJ ECB FOMC BOE.


Which Markets Are The Best To Trade?

Which markets are the best to trade? What time do the major exchanges open?




What Will Happen To The Markets If Hillary Clinton Wins The...

What will happen to the markets if Hillary Clinton wins the election? Hillary Clinton is the favourite to win on 8th November. Which markets will...