Saturday, September 22, 2018

Live Apple Stock Price Reaction During iPhone 7 Event – Sped...

Realtime capture of the Apple stock price reaction to the iPhone 7 event. Captured live and sped up. (2hrs into 10 mins) Commentary on retail traders...
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Examining A DAX Breakdown – Short Sellers Guide

Let's take a closer look at the short term price action structure during todays recent DAX break of support. 1) Drive through the level 2) Hold 3)...

DAX Trade Teardown

Tearing down a DAX trade from this morning, the good and the bad.

Dax Trade Teardown – Weekly Support Finally Broke

Following on from this video and this video - the weekly DAX support finally broke.

A Trading Strategy For Central Bank Announcements

A strategy for trading reversals and whipsaws during central bank announcements. BOJ ECB FOMC BOE.


Deal Cancellation – Cancel Losing Trades

I've just seen this new concept where you can cancel losing trades? They call it "deal cancellation" (of course!) It must revolve around paying for...




What Time Does The Dow Reverse Its Trading Trend Intraday?

While the market is in a range, fading is the name of the game. What time has the DOW usually been reversing the past few...