Sunday, October 22, 2017

Examining A DAX Breakdown – Short Sellers Guide

Let's take a closer look at the short term price action structure during todays recent DAX break of support. 1) Drive through the level 2) Hold 3)...
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Deal Cancellation – Cancel Losing Trades

I've just seen this new concept where you can cancel losing trades? They call it "deal cancellation" (of course!) It must revolve around paying for...

Which Markets Are The Best To Trade?

Which markets are the best to trade? What time do the major exchanges open?

DAX Trade Teardown – Misreading The Tape

Trading the DAX today looking for a mean reversion, rather than waiting for a clearer sign of a bid I went in too early...

Learning From My Losing Trades Today

I lost money today, not a big deal, but I made a catalog of mistakes which were out of character. Lets drill down and...


What Caused The British Pound Flash Crash?

The GBPUSD fell by over 6% last night. What caused it? Fat Finger? Algorithm or both?  I've seen a few of these in my career,...




Trade Ideas For Tomorrow in The Dow and Yen

We saw a second day of follow through in equities after a no change from the FED yesterday. Tomorrow I'm expecting some consolidation and digestion...