Monday, June 26, 2017

Price Action Patterns At Market Turning Points

What can we look for in price action at a market low, that maybe gives us a clue the market is about to turn? Also...
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Why don’t I take the easy buy at support trade?

Buying at support is the easy trade in hindsight, so why didn't I just do that?  

Which Is The Best Market To Trade?

What's the best market to trade? (for a new trader) It's common to dive right into the first market you see, or the one you read...

Pair Trade Opportunity On The DAX and DOW?

With the DOW approaching support and the DAX resistance, is now the ideal opportunity to set up a pair trade? Hey, a very good evening...

Which Markets Are The Best To Trade?

Which markets are the best to trade? What time do the major exchanges open?
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Trade Ideas For Tomorrow in The Dow and Yen

We saw a second day of follow through in equities after a no change from the FED yesterday. Tomorrow I'm expecting some consolidation and digestion...




DOW was down 200pts but Nasdaq looks worse

US Markets took a hammering today, although they didn't close at the lows. What do the charts look like now and where's the next...