Thursday, November 21, 2019

Trading Price Action Wyckoff Style

Wyckoff was the ultimate price action, tape reading expert. Let's take a look at his classic breakout and markup chart. What it means for...
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What A Wick On The DAX – What Now?

The German DAX put in a huge wick above resistance. It was a one way street today, clearly rejecting price to the upside of...

Free Spreadbetting Course – Coming Next Week

Finally I've finished the beginners trading/spreadbetting course. As promised at the last meetup! I'll have it uploaded by next week.

The VWAP extension trade setup

The VWAP extension trade setup: In a rangebound market mean reversion trading strategies seem to work the best. The VWAP is a great indicator to...

Which Is The Best Market To Trade?

What's the best market to trade? (for a new trader) It's common to dive right into the first market you see, or the one you read...


Deal Cancellation – Cancel Losing Trades

I've just seen this new concept where you can cancel losing trades? They call it "deal cancellation" (of course!) It must revolve around paying for...




What Time Does The Dow Reverse Its Trading Trend Intraday?

While the market is in a range, fading is the name of the game. What time has the DOW usually been reversing the past few...