Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How To Tell If A Market Will Breakout – 5 Clues

What signals should we look for before the market hits a key price level? Which filters can give us a good guide as to whether we should be fading...
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Examining A DAX Breakdown – Short Sellers Guide

Let's take a closer look at the short term price action structure during todays recent DAX break of support. 1) Drive through the level 2) Hold 3)...

Daytrading The Dax – Post Trade Teardown

The DAX is a great daytrading market at the moment. Although it needs respect! When it breaks through a level it doesn't mess about. I...

Deal Cancellation – Cancel Losing Trades

I've just seen this new concept where you can cancel losing trades? They call it "deal cancellation" (of course!) It must revolve around paying for...

DAX Trade Teardown

Tearing down a DAX trade from this morning, the good and the bad.


A Trade Setup For Trading Weekend FX Gaps

GBPUSD gapped down heavily over the weekend on Brexit news. With gaps likely to be more frequent this year due to Brexit, Trump and European...




Trading A Bear Flag Intraday

Two days two bear flags! Lucky us......The DAX gave us almost an exact replica of the USDJPY break yesterday. Break below support, hold in...